Fixed Fee (Not available for litigation work)

  • We provide a fixed upfront quote at the beginning of the matter and charge you in accordance with that quote.

Litigation Work (involving going to court)

  • For matters involving court proceedings we will use Time Billing (described below) but provide an estimate for each stage of the matter, based on the information available to us at that time. It is an estimate only not a quote. So the more information you provide to us about your matter (both good and bad) the better we are able to estimate the costs.

Time Billing

  • Our fees are extremely competitive at $350.00 per hour plus GST, which is less than half the hourly rate of most firms for solicitors as experienced as our Principal Solicitor. We also offer time billing on a per minute basis, not rounded up to the nearest 6 minute  (which is how most firms charge). That way, you only pay for the legal services you use. For example, if we provide advice to you over the telephone and it takes 14 minutes, you are only charged for 14 minutes, we don't round up to 18 minutes. If you do the maths - our lower hourly rate and per minute billing basis can save you lots of money!

Retainer Arrangements

  • You can buy hours of legal work each month at discounted rates by putting us on retainer.